Entry document

Which competition cartegory are you entering?

Physical computing.

Which age group are you entering?

10-11 years old.

About me.

My name is Jakub Marek and I am 10. My home country is Poland.

Your school?

Malin Bridge Primary School

Your home postcode?

S6 4WU

The name of your product?

Arduino car

Video intro.

Your product and process

What it is

It is a three wheeled car. I got the idea from the book 'Arduino adventures. Escape from Gemini station' by James Floyd Kelly & Harold Timmis. It is built from a magicians chassis, an arduino, a solderless breadboard,h-bridge & a hex inverter. My dad, who works at plusnet, helped me with this page and the Arduino car's making and connecting to the arduino.

What it will do

It will drive forward and back, left and right with a remote. Honk a horn, set of its alarm when someone comes near, hits or kicks it. It will light its lights when its dark and lead you to your room and turn them off when its light. It will help carry things if your arms are aching and you need help*.


Part Name Description
Chassis To keep all the parts safe.
Wheels To move the Arduino car along the terrain.
Motors To turn the wheels forth or back,fast or slow.
Battery holders To store the batterys in.
Caster wheel Acts like a third wheel.
Screws and spacers To keep everything together.
Arduino Uno The brain of the Arduino car and a microcontroller (like a small computer.) To learn more about this amazing hardware , click here. Arduino
Solderless breadboard To connect the parts together instead of soldering them.
Jumper wires To connect parts which are far away.
H-bridge It is an IC(integrated circuit).It can control up to 2 motors. Wow!
Hex inverter It's another IC that controlls which way the wheel turns.If you give it 1 on 1 leg ,then it will change it to 0 on the 2nd leg
Battery Gives power to the Arduino car.
IR(infrared) receiver This receives infrared signals so I can decode it and the arduino tells the motors which way to turn.
Remote control Controls the car by sending messages to the infraread reciver.



Asembeling the car.

First I screwd on the arduino to the top of the chassis. Next I attached the motors to the bottom of the chassis and then secured the caster wheel to it. I then slid the wheels onto the motors. After that I fastened the battery holders and soon after I stuck the solderless breadboard on the top of the chassis.

Connecting the circuits.

First we conected all the GND (ground) pins from the h-bridge and hex inverter to the GND pin on the arduino.

Next we connected the power (5V) from the arduino to the h-bridge (pin 16) and to the hex inverter (pin 14.)

Then we connected the motors. We connected motor 1's power wire to pin 3 on the h-bridge and connected its GND wire to pin 6 on the h-bridge.

Then we connected motor 2's power wire to pin 14 on the h-bridge and its GND wire to pin 11 on the h-bridge.

We used 2 battery holders because 1 will give power to motors and the other to the arduino. Each batery holder provides 6V. We attached one battery holders power wire to pin 8 on the h-bridge and the GND wire to the GND rail. The other holder we connected to the Arduino with a jack plug.

Time had come to attach some wires from the arduino to the h-bridge so the arduino car could turn left and right and could drive forward and back. To do that we attached digital pin 7 to pin 10 on the h-bridge(so it could spin the motor 2 left or right). Soon after we attached digital pin 6 to pin 9 on the h-brige(so it would spin it at a specific speed).

We did a simmilar thing with digital pins 5 and 4 (except we connected digital pin 5 to pin 1 on the h-bridge and digital pin 4 to pin 7 on the h-bridge) to control motor 1.

In the future.

I am still working on it and I will add a horn that will honk, light some light when its dark, set off its alarm when its touched or come to close to an object and help carry things.

Source code.

To code my Arduino car, I used Arduino IDE and we also used the IR reciver arduino library. IR reciver library. You can find my code at GitHub.

Original design and sketches

Image Description
This is my design and notes of what it could look like in the end.
This is my plan of a h-bridge.
This is my plan of a hex inverter.

* It will help your granma also carry things.